Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


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Seeing as I am a Marketing major, this film was just what I needed to get energized about senior year.

Morgan Spurlock is at it again, proving to America that everything is not as it seems. Spurlock travels around the United States pitching the idea of a movie financed soley by advertisements. Some truth behind the process of advertising is revealed during the film, as well as the methodology behind ads.

One fascinating point made was that Sao Paolo, Brazil has banned outdoor advertisements in the city. That means cabs, billboards, buses, and buildings are blank. I didn’t realize how ad-heavy America is until the images of Sao Paolo were shown. So, how do they advertise to their customers? Has their customer base changed because of it? Well, you’re going to have to see the film to find out.

(Was this blog post one unsolicited plug for the film? Come to think of it, I think it was.)




One and a half years later….


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Here are the major things that have happened in the past year and a half.

1) I joined a sorority and became the President of my chapter.

2) I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa for what was the best 4 months of my life so far.  I studied at the University of Cape Town and volunteered with an organization called SHAWCO.  Again, it was the best trip of my life and it (even as cliche as it sounds) changed my life for the better.


3) I became a tour guide at school promoting diversity to our prospective families.

Image 4) And now, I am interning with Fade2Blac Video & Event Productions, Inc. as their online marketing intern, which has been a wonderful experience. (Follow on Twitter here, Like on Facebook here, Follow on Instagram here)


That was pretty quick. Stay tuned for more to come about summer happenings.

*Photos are my own.

What Else Have I Done?


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I want to give you all a head’s up on what to see this coming season!  I have seen 7 films so far and will be seeing about 6 more…

Order of preference:

1) The Way, Way Back – boy deals with family drama by getting a summer job at a water park.

2) The Lifeguard – 30 year old woman goes back home to acquire her summer job from high school

3) The Spectacular Now – teenage boy deals with alcohol throughout senior year of high school

4) The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear – documentary about the people of Georgia

5) After Tiller – documentary about the only four doctors in the country to perform third trimester abortions

6) Afternoon Delight – a middle aged woman looks to spice up her sex life.

7) Interior. Leather Bar. – James Franco’s interpretation of the lost 40 minutes from “Cruising”



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The year has begun!

The famous Egyption Theatre

The famous Egyption Theatre

I am currently experiencing the Sundance Film Festival 2013 in Park City, Utah!

We are on Day 3 of our 10-day journey so far.  Yesterday was incredibly surreal.  We waited in line from 1pm for our first film which was the premiere of “The Lifeguard” at 5:30pm.  Thankfully, we all got into to see the film which starred Kristen Bell.  We were able to see her at the Q&A and ask questions which she was more than willing to answer.

After the screening, we were able to chat with one of the head programmers of the festival, Caroline Libresco.  She gave us advice about what to see, introduced us to the producers of The Lifeguard, and was overall incredibly generous when speaking with us.

We then went to dinner on Main St. where I met the guys from the MTV Show The Buried Life.  I love and respect what they did on the show, so to see them and tell them that was amazing.

#33 Meet the cast. Check.

#33 Meet the cast. Check.

Overall, the day was incredibly surreal.  I will never forget it.  The best part is that the experience is only just starting…

Summer 2012


Hi everyone-

I just wanted to post saying thank you for checking out my blog this past semester.  I’m so glad you could see me grow and watch my work evolve.  I will only continue to grow from here on.  I’ll let you know some of my plans for this summer:

1) Working at the McDonogh Summer Programs as a camp counselor.  I may possibly take pictures for them as well.

2) Work with my dad at Maryland Public Television to learn some new editing software – very excited!

Also great news that I recieved before leaving campus, I will be going to the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013!  My blog will be heated up with posts then for sure.

Again, thank you everyone!

Have a beautiful and safe summer!


The Historic Neighborhood


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This is what it has all comes down to.  All of the skills I have learned have been put into one 2 minute video.  Seeing as I was hired for a new job with Residence Life, I created this video to promote the Historic Neighborhood at Elon.

This video was fun, challenging, tiring, rewarding, and a great experience and look into what I want to potentially do with my life someday.

Here it is:

Special Thanks to:

CLC, Megan, Powell, Mackenzie, Ann Marie, J, Dr. Midgette, Dean Turley, Katie Nash and Res Life.

Have a beautiful summer, everyone!

Chapter 7 Reflection: Law and Copyright

I knew that journalists have jobs that hold a lot of responsibility but I did not realize how significant their words really are.

When printing the stories of people’s lives, journalists have to pay close attention to how much they reveal about a story, whether they were given permission to print the story and whose reputation is at stake.  Journalists have the power to expose any one at any time if they feel they have a story.  As Harrower put it, that is a threat.  Journalists can go to jail, get sued, be fired or receive angry phone calls based on what they decide to print.

One of the most interesting concepts involved in the law and ethics of journalism is libel.  Libel is a “publication of a false statement that deliberately or carelessly damages someone’s reputation.”  To that end, to be liable is “to be legally responsible or obligated.” (Harrower, 144) Anyone can sue for libel if they feel that a false statement has been printed about them.  Filing for libel is different for celebrities than it is for the average person.  Celebrities have to prove that what was printed was put out with actual spite.  I did not realize that there were different rules with libel based on whether or not you were a public figure.

Copyright laws have always been a concern to the creators of any original piece of work.  Today with the Internet and copy & paste and record & play, it is even easier to violate copyright laws especially on sites such as YouTube.  My big question was whether or not parodies violated these laws.  After reading Chapter 7 of our Harrower textbook, I know that the answer is no, they do not violate any laws.  Parodies are a very specific genre.  In order to not infringe upon any laws, additional information has to be added to the plot or characters in order to add that comic spin.  Parodies become appropriate because an original plot has been twisted in order to create something completely different from the original.

After this reading, I definitely know what I can and can’t print as a journalist or even as an everyday YouTuber.

Vote Against on May 8


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For DMC we had a stop motion project: making a video out of still photography. About 950 pictures, 4 and a half hours of coloring, and a few hours in the editing suites was what it took to create this 37 second piece.

Living in North Carolina has brought my attention to a very important bill that is titiled Amendment One.  It prevents same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state of NC.  This is perhaps the most controversial piece I have done, simply because there are two reactions I could get back: agreement or disagreement.  My final product:


**Pictures taken with a Nikon D90.  Edited in Final Cut Pro X**

One Hour – Timelapse


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Above is a time-lapse I created for DMC.  I noticed the amount of people that walked in our West Area Patio in one hour and decided to make a video about it.  This required sitting around for a while but the end product is worth it. Thankfully I had a gorgeous day to shoot this video.  Everything was edited in Final Cut Pro X and shot with a Sony HXR-NX70U

Surreal Photography


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For this project in DMC really stretched the creative process and tested our Photoshop abilities.  I had some trouble coming up with ideas at first.  Once I was inspired the ideas were flowing a little easier.  We were allowed to spoof ideas of titles or ads, so I chose to spoof “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and Apple.  Above is the final product.